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Cyngor y Dref / The Town Council

Llangollen became important because of its prominent position on the main London to Holyhead coaching road which was improved by Thomas Telford from 1815 and continued for some 15 years. The Canal was also constructed around the town and combined to bring considerable immigration into Llangollen during the early part of the 19th century. Today Llangollen relies heavily on the tourist industry, but still gains substantial income from farming.

The Town Council was formed following local government reorganisation in 1974 and has eleven elected Town Councillors.

Adroddiad Blynyddol Annual Report 2021.22

The Town Council provides a range of local services and strives to make Llangollen a better place to live, work and visit including.

Community Assets.
The Town Council owns and manages Llangollen Town Hall which was built in 1867. Originally the market was held on the ground floor and people entered through the arches that are now occupied by shops and offices.

Centenary Square owned by the Town Council and is the civic heart of the town,

Community Projects
The Town Council has supported the process of Llangollen becoming a Cittaslow Town and in so. It has become a part of an international movement of towns that have adopted a common set of principles and objectives to enhance their quality of life.

Community Support Funding.
Llangollen Town Council appreciates the skills, experience and expertise which the voluntary and community sector holds and recognises the help that organisations can give to support the Council in achieving its aims and to fulfil its priorities for residents.  The Town Council therefore offers Community Support Grants to fund facilities, equipment and activities that are important to the local community, subject to the availability of funds.

Community Safety.

The Town Council support a number of  community and environmental safety projects as the overall appearance and safety of the town, is important. The Town Council supports the work of the Llangollen Tidy Towns Team, who work hard to make Llangollen a better place in which to live, work and enjoy. They get local people involved in a range of projects, as well as the monthly “Tidy up” of key areas around the town. The volunteers are of all ages and they learn new skills, keep active and have taken ownership and pride in the local area.DSCN0913

The street scene is also enhanced every year by the floral displays, funded by the Town Council, and provided through a partnership agreement with Derwen College.